July 14th, 2020, 5:30 pm

Historic Preservation Commission Update

The Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to recommend to the City Council the historic conservation plan for the portions of The SunCal-Orton plan proposed within the Winehaven Historic District.  

Many members of the public asked the Commission to hold their recommendation until the City makes public the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The comments by experts in the report explain the extensive problems with SunCal’s plan.  The EIR recommends the Community Plan as the environmentally superior plan.  Lina Velasco, Director of the City’s Planning Department, informed the Commission that the EIR is beyond their purview, and that the summary of the EIR, specific to the Winehaven Historic District, that the City provided to them has sufficient information upon which to base their vote.

The Commission was openly pressured by the developers and City staff to recommend the historic conservation plan last night to the City Council.  The developers stressed the amount of work still needing to be done and the deadlines (dictated by the settlement).  The public informed the Commission that the deadlines can and have been changed by mutual agreement by the parties to the settlement and by the judge who certified the agreement between the parties.  After a very brief discussion, the commissioners concluded the EIR was beyond their purview and voted to recommend the historic conservation plan.  See link, “Talking Points,” below for more information.

The next important Pt Molate meeting is the Design Review Board (DRB) meeting on July 22nd at 6 pm. Please write to the DRB members and speak at the meeting in support their request for the full Environmental Impact Report and further documentation on the SunCal plan before making a recommendation to the Planning Commmission. They are asking all the right questions. 

Save Pt Molate

Call for Speakers

Special meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission on SunCal’s Proposed Pt Molate Mixed-Use Development Project

Agenda and Call-in Information

Staff Report and Attachments


Public Hearing to provide a recommendation to the City Council for the portions of the proposed SunCal project within the Winehaven Historic District

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Our Mission

We are an alliance of Richmond residents, Ohlone and Native American organizations, non-proifts, small business owners, scientists and other experts working to inform the public about the Pt Molate settlement and SunCal Plan and to stop the City Council from voting to sell Pt Molate, 413 acres of public land, without public or Ohlone consent, to SunCal.

The deal driving the sale is an illegal backroom settlement between the City and the proposed Pt Molate casino developer to build an exclusive residential community that could cost the City $3 - $5 million a year and will destroy rare native habitat and sacred Ohlone Shellmounds.  The recently released SunCal-funded financial analysis of their own project proves our point; SunCal’s plan is a financially disastrous plan for Richmond, and we will post our response soon.  Here are more reasons to oppose SunCal’s plan.

We support the Community Plan
Develop the Winehaven Historic District to provide needed employment and wealth building opportunities for Richmond residents, and cultural and educational opportunities, and surround it with a world-class regional park that protects rare native habitat and Ohlone sacred sites, provides needed sports fields and outdoor recreation for Richmond families and the region, and revenue for Richmond’s General Fund.  

The Community Plan is consistent with the overwhelming majority of public input at the City’s Pt. Molate Public Planning meetings, input that was ignored by the City, and is consistent with Richmond’s General Plan and other City planning documents that guide the development of the site. 

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